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Exhibits 1968-2009 In Collection
Ueno Museum – Tokyo, Japan U.S.A.
Yoseido Gallery- Tokyo, Japan JORDAN
International Gallery Taiwan EGYPT
Shuri Museum – OkinawaI ISRAEL
Museo de Arte – Guadalajara Mexico OKINAWA
Jayne Baum Gallery – New York INDIA
The Hague – Netherlands [slide presentation
by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art]
Scottsdale Center for the Arts – Arizona JAPAN
Group and Individual Exhibits and Awards  
Featured in 'Eyes of the Soul' by Phillip Jacobson Rubinov  

WORK 1968 – 2011

The Synesthesia Paintings - Oil The Beyond Duality - Acrylic
The Archetypes - Oil The Paradox Shift - Acrylic
The Glyphs - Acrylic and Pastel The Diagrams – photocopy, Ink
The Geometrics - Oil The Diagrams - Acrylic
The Infinity Fields - Acrylic The Spiral Icons - Acrylic
Time/ Space/ Motion - Acrylic The 7x7 tablets – 22k gold plated
The Orders - Acrylic copper on wood Gemstones
The Convergences - Acrylic Approaching Conscious Brightness - Acrylic
The Sentinals group - Acrylic Divine Gazes - Acrylic
The Emergents - Acrylic The Portals collection - Acrylic 
The Vital Forces - Acrylic The Spirals - Acrylic
The Unborn - Acrylic The Portals in Motion DVD; a tool for PSTD

PROJECTS 1970 - 2011

1970 POW/MIA project: Designed original POW/MIA flag.
1979 Peace SCROLL: U.S.A. World Symposium on Humanity.

1980 POINT of PEACE: Architectural Concept Cairo, Egypt. Pres. Anwar Sadat’s Sinai Project.
1982 POINT of PEACE MODEL: presented in Washington D.C to Egyptian Cabinet.
1982 CULTURAL EXCHANGE and EXHIBIT Guadalajara, Mexico.
1982 DIAMOND POINT of PEACE: painting to the Cabinet of Pres. Hosni Mubarak.
1982 DAVIDS DIAMOND STAR: painting to Prime Minister Menachem Begin, Israel.
1983 INTEGRITY PROJECT: Jerusalem. Proposed to Mayor Teddy Kollack for parties in conflict.
1983 DOME of the ROCK: painting to King Hussein of Jordan.
1983 MULTI-MEDIA fund raising production: Scottsdale Center for the Arts.
1983 Los Angeles Museum of Art slide presentation at the Hague Netherlands: (Visionary Art)
1985 CITIZEN DIPLOMAT: North American / Soviet Peace Conference
1991 POINT of PEACE: Redesigned and submitted to Jordan.
1993 STONE PROJECT #1: El Rashid [Rosetta] Egypt.
1993 STONE PROJECT #2: United Nations Building, New York.
1999 EXHIBIT International Conference on Conflict Resolution: Phoenix, Arizona.
2002 SLIDE RETROSPECTIVE AND TEXT: Center for Integral Vision. Bhavaria, Germany.
2002 ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPT: Memorial design proposed for the World Trade Center site.
2005 GREAT HEARTS AFIRE: Founded non-profit organization for humanitarian projects.
2005 GREAT HEARTS PROJECT: Acknowledging individuals of remarkable character. People Honoring People; a global peace project.
2005 STONE/SHELL PROJECT #3: Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii 11-11-05
2007 Built the Bright Hearts orphanage in Kyazanga Uganda to train young peacemakers.
2008 “The Human Race for Peace”: Global peace project at the Great Hearts Afire Foundation.
2008 Produced Portals in Motion DVD: A tool for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Stress and Meditation.
2008 Established the Bright Heart educational peace program for children in Uganda: Slated to move to other locations.
2010 Portal paintings collection: Slated for the new Walter Reed Hospital and other venues.
2010 Produced two short videos: The Spirals and The Portals.
2010 Placed Portals in Motion DVD with Wounded Warrior Projects.
2011 Portal paintings collection: Dr. Andrew Weil’s Integrative Medicine Center, Tucson Az.


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