The Geometrics Collection of Paintings from Haydn Anthony.

Goemetrics Gallery

In 1981 I began painting the Geometrics. I attempt to create a language of symbols that are closely aligned with internal impressions. These impressions are received through an extended sense. They relate to how creation happens through intricate and complex interactions. Through inner vision I perceive matrix within matrix of patterned movement that indicate how matter is formed. There is never a repeat or replica anywhere within this panorama of endless movement, but there is what I call "Mother Matrices" where various forms of a related nature are clustered. These sense impressions also reveal extended dimensions that are more subtle and/or different that interact with what we know as measurable. This entire movement of creation is informed by an Intelligence that is inherent within all form and does not act upon it as an outside agent.

G001: Approaching Infinity G002: Approaching Insight 2 G004: Beyond Duality 2 G005: Communion 1 G006: Convergence 1, Matrix Discontinued G007: Convergence 2, Matrix Discontinued G008: Creation Archetype G009: Creation Archetype 2 G010: David's Diamond Star G011: Dome of The Rock Schema G012: Explicate Field G013: Field Points 1 G014: Field Points 2 G015: Fission G016: Fusion G017: Implicate Order G019: Matrix at 3 Points G020: Mind Matter Fusion G021: Mind Matter Matrix G022: One in Seven, Seven in One G023: One in Twelve, Twelve in One G024: Paradox Shift G025: Sri Yantra G026: Synapse 1, Delayed Transfer G027: Synapse 2, Simultaneous Distribution G028: The Observer G029: Time Space Relative Motion G030: Transmutation G031: Wavicle

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