Grand Intelligence: Kosmic Creative Impulse void of external cause; Self-emergent and ever changing, having fallen out of Absolute
Intelligent Brilliance: The Grand Intelligence as seen within the inner field of vision.
Brilliance: Degrees of Primal Fire manifest (or Kosmic Intelligent Brilliance).
Grand Movement: Evidence of Grand Intelligence in action.
Matrices: Evidence of Grand Intelligence as created patterns.
Kosmic Field of Creation: Field within which all matrices have been imprinted.
Template: A pattern for a particular Matrix.
Inner Eye: An extension of the ordinary senses that operates beyond those senses.
Inner Field Of Vision: The interior space accessible to the Inner Eye.
Direct Seeing: Inner eye and outer eye merged.
Glimpsing: Having small peeks of Absolute through the openings of the Dual mind.
Dual Reality: The perception that all manifestation is in separate and individual parts.
Segue: The movement between Duality and Absolute.
Aperture: The opening for Segue to begin.
Absolute: That realization falling outside the Dual mind. The All and Nothing before manifestation.
Absolute Self: One as Absolute.
That which is Before and After All Things: Another term for Absolute.
That which is Beyond Knowing: Another term for Absolute
Conscious Brightness: The Dual consciousness and Absolute merged as ONE.
Divine Gaze: Conscious Brightness Observing Itself as both Form and Formlessness.

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