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Sentinal 1
Acrylic, gold leaf, crystal stones. 20"x20"
 Sentinal 2
Acrylic, gold leaf, crystal stones. 20"x20"


Conscious Bright Orange

Conscious Bright Blue

APPROACHING CONSCIOUS BRIGHTNESS paintings refer to three levels of growth available to our human species as we know it at this time.

1- The DUAL mind

2- The ABSOLUTE non-dual realization


1- The DUAL state of consciousness…….All existence appears to be divided, separate and multi-dimensional but un-connected. [The two outside divided patterns on the paintings]

2- The ABSOLUTE conscious experience……Consciousness has merged with the underlying non-dual reality. [Crossing the rings of crystal and dots to reach the gold ring]

3- Conscious Brightness….The DUAL and the ABSOLUTE fall together and merge as one undivided perfectly balanced whole. [The center brightness radiating inwardly and outwardly with no distinction]

For more information on Conscious Brightness, please go to Words 6 on the Words page.

DIVINE GAZE – These paintings are whispers of color and form in iridescent concentric circles. A ring of crystal rests in the center. A finishing glaze appears to make the image disappear at certain viewpoints. 20"x20" Acrylic and crystal stones.

Divine Gaze
Divine Gaze Blue



PORTAL PAINTINGS - 12x12”  Acrylic, gold leaf, and crystal stones on canvas.

Portal 1 Portal 2 Portal 3
Portal 4 Portal 5 Portal 6
Portal 7    


Acrylic, gold leaf and crystal stones on canvas.  12”x12” x 1 ½’.

The 7 Portal paintings shown above have been reproduced into high quality giclee prints on canvas. Gold leaf and crystal stones are hand applied. These were delivered on April ‘08 to Walter Reed Hospital and will be a permanent installation for wounded vets.

See Portal Gallery for more information.


For more information on Conscious Brightness, please go to Words 6 on the Words page.


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