The Spirals Colletion of Paintings from Haydn Anthony.

Spirals Gallery

The spiral paintings are symbolic indications of the conscious mind approaching the Transcendent reality. Before one enters into the Absolute there are, by nature, glimpses of that Transcendent state. The glimpses are sometimes referred to as Awakenings. Approaching the Transcendent Absolute is unique and individual to each person. However, the culmination of this movement of transcending the ordinary and merging with the Absolute can only be one and the same for everyone. That is the direct realization of "That which is Before and After all Creation". How each person registers this may vary but the transformation is the same if it is complete.

S001: Black Tablet, Black Star Sapphire S002: Gold Tablet, Black Star Sapphire S004: Gold Tablet, Multi-Gemstone S005: Approaching Conscious Brightness Blue S006: Approaching Conscious Brightness Orange S007: Archetype Glyph 1 S008: Archetype Glyph 2 S009: Divine Gaze Blue S010: Duality At Once G012: Infinity Triad S013: Integration Spirals S014: Little Prayer S016: Red Glyph 2 S017: Shiva Dances Act I S018: Shiva Dances Act II S019: Shiva Dances Act III 2020: Spiral Icon 1 S021: Spiral Icon 2 S022: Spiral Icon 3 S023: Sentinal 1 S024: Sentinal 2 S025: Sentinal 3 S026: Vital Forces S027: No Reference Point S028: Segues S029: Gateless Gate S030: Burn Up 1 S031: Freedom 1 S032: Freedom 2

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