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Flame Bright

YOU and I

For many years we have met, you and I. We have spoken in the workplace, airports, supermarkets and restaurants. We have seen each other in many countries and settings. Indeed there is scarcely a place we have not been in contact. Each one of you has been within my meditations…yes, each.

Over this time I have observed your astonishing beauty and have felt your suffering. I have observed your fears as well as your courage. I have watched you strive for the things you want and have seen your pain at loosing what you once had. We have not only been in life together. We have been life itself. We are the Grand Movement; the Grand Intelligence. You are all I have ever needed to reveal the many splendored panorama of who we are as human beings and through you I can know myself. I am grateful for the thoughts you have shared and for listening to mine.

I am most interested, above all else, that we as individuals and as a whole species strive to reach our highest capacity. We are not on some automatic pilot that will take us there. Evolution and Grand Intelligence will certainly take us somewhere but without our conscious commitment to develop ourselves to our fullest potential, this will not happen. We are now in charge of how the great human drama unfolds. We are not separate from the Grand Intelligence. We ARE it in the most profound way. There are those who have made a declaration to this end and are living their lives knowing they are deliberately pushing the existing status quo out of the box. This takes the greatest stability, focus and courage in light of the world condition. To these people there is no other game in town. They are nobly hacking away at a trail of sanity we can all follow and be grateful for. Often these individuals are unknown as trail blazers and expect no recognition. Such selflessness is one quality of higher development.

The most critical aspect of fulfilling human potential as we know it to be possible now is to discover what our minds are doing. Without monitoring our thoughts and recognizing how they contribute to our small rather than to our greater selves we stay in some form of mediocrity. We stay half baked. Who are the ones who are dedicated to reaching their individual highest capacity and therefore the greatness of our evolution?


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