Words #10

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Flame Bright


Be cautious of what you think, say, and do.  You are building your own body and mind just as you would model a sculpture or design a video game. It is you who select the parts and materials by your beliefs and fears. To think you can be separate from what you have modeled is a mistake. To think you are aside from it does not make it disappear.  To change what you are modeling is possible and it can happen now.  No one is deciding what you say and do except you.  You are creating who you are.  Your genetics and your environment are only the scaffolding for what you model.  To imagine that what you have modeled is the best you can create is to deny your true genius. To think you are not capable of genius says you have forgotten who you are.  To say you don’t know how beauty and nobility look shows that you have not seen your own face. To believe you don’t have the power to model perfection says you've misplaced your intent.

 Until more people remodel themselves the world won't change.

Until you recall the Self that existed before the Cosmos was created, do your best to model whatever you hold as the Ideal.



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