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Flame Bright


Conscious Brightness is an orientation; a state of being that emerges within human beings after particular stages of psychological growth have occurred. Human consciousness grows, matures and changes just as does the body. I refer to the 3 basic human growth phases as exist now as

 [1] The Ordinary Mind. Functions within a dual system. Ie. Right/wrong , good/bad , me/you etc. All thinking emerges from this system at #1.Here reality springs from dual perception and cannot formulate any reality outside it.

 [2] The Extraordinary Mind. Functions outside the dual system. This mind has freed itself from the bonds of duality and not only perceives but merges with an underlying unity and transcends the dual realm.  Here reality springs from immersion in the formlessness existing before creation; before duality emerged from unity. This Unity consciousness is at the opposite polarity of duality [ #1= duality. The created.] [ #2= Unity.. The uncreated.]

 [3] Conscious Brightness. Here the mind functions as both dual and non dual at once with no separation. Here reality springs from the merging of form and formlessness and appears as one seamless movement. I believe there is a further reality to develop as an outgrowth or extension of Conscious Brightness that would be seen as

[4] Bright Manifestation. Here the brain has been primed through C.B. to utilize extended senses and knowledge for the good of our specie in ways yet to be defined.  



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