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Flame Bright

The Big Question in Science; “WHAT IS CONSCIOUSNESS?”

 Consciousness is not something produced by the brain .Consciousness is not something separate from the brain. It is rather like a reverberation housed within a field. The brains’ activity and chemicals interact with the field just as larger interrelated fields interact with each other.  We could call these fields ‘intelligence arrays’. These arrays are reverberations or overlapping and interlocking imprints of Kosmic intelligence. The human organism is naturally conscious through the reverberating fields of intelligence. It is wired up to operate and to examine this through the brain. All existence is conscious. It could appear that consciousness originates within the brain or that it is something outside it. It is neither. Consciousness exists throughout the Kosmos. The Kosmos is inherently conscious. The way our brains’ chemicals and actions interact with the fields give us the awareness of such consciousness. What happens at the meeting or interaction of brain and field reverberation is akin to a ‘Quickening’ or ‘Striking’ that can’t happen with the brain alone. It is the infinite ‘intelligent array’ fields that give us the potential to ‘Know, feel ,intuit, and expand ever further as humans. At points of individual growth humans can become aware not only physically, mentally, and emotionally but also spiritually and at last Kosmic which is then  Consciousness being conscious of itself.



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