Words #14

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Flame Bright


Once upon a time a beautiful planet sped through the universe leaving a perfect trail behind.   This planet was green with growing plants and blue with water.  It was peaceful and abundant: that is, until a creation called man changed it all.  Man was created with great intelligence and inventiveness.  Man was also created with the innate knowledge of right and wrong.  Man began doing wrong things.  Man had a choice of how to act.  Man could choose.

After many years of choosing to do wrong things the beautiful planet changed.  Wars happened and much suffering came about.  People wanted many things.  Some were necessary; most were not.  People invented Fairy tales to tell themselves in order to make themselves feel better.  The stories went like this:  ‘It is O.K if we do wrong things because other people do’.  ‘We are more important than the others so we deserve more or better’.  We are afraid someone will take what is ours so we have to fight for it’. ‘No one can really see what is in my heart so I can do wrong things without being detected. ’. ‘I really do not know right from wrong so anything I do is O K’.  ‘I can make up for my wrongdoings later’.  The biggest Fairytale of all said   ‘It is not my fault;  someone else is doing it’.

 The people started thinking of what all the bad actions might be called.  They assigned a name to each bad action.  They were; Greed, Hate, Jealousy, Anger, Theft, Murder, Rape, Lies, Deceit, Selfishness, Coveting and Domination.  Eventually the list grew.  Now people understood what bad actions were.  The people were so intelligent and inventive that they decided to create ways to justify and be excused from their bad actions.  Some people experienced suffering as a result of wrong actions and wanted to change things.  These people made laws, rules, regulations and religions.  People then learned what right action was. Right actions were called: Compassion, Truth, Justice, Altruism, Courage, Benevolence, Peacefulness and Love.  Some people tried to live with right actions.  Some were able to do so.  These people were the strongest and the bravest of Man.   Some said they believed in right action but acted in wrong ways nevertheless.  Some acted in right ways part of the time and wrong ways the rest of the time.  All the while people knew right from wrong and knew that they could choose.

As a result of all the wrong actions the conditions on the planet things got worse and worse. Meanwhile the biggest Fairytale of all: ‘it is not my fault; someone else is doing it’ got stronger and stronger.  People really began to believe someone or something else was creating the entire horrific condition of the world.  Hunger, war, poverty, disease and fear took over. The beautiful planet and all the people on it began to die as a result of their choices.

Not the end yet...

The tragic and grim truth is that is it WE who have created the world to be as it is.  No one has been exempt from participating.  We continue to create  it now with our thoughts and actions . How will the story end?  We wrote it all along and are writing it now.  We are the authors of our own present and future.  The planet and the Universe will have a life with or without us.  Man can choose what to do now.


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