Words #16

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Flame Bright


Who in their right mind would say “bring on difficult times for me to deal with?” Well, probably no one except individuals whose mission in life is to perfect themselves and do no harm to others. Such individuals are serious about activating their values and beliefs in real life situations. They are intent in living at their highest potential. The highest potential for us all is to live our highest values. Such people welcome difficult life situations as a way to uncover any internal split between what they hold as their highest values and what they actually say and do. For these people the biggest opportunities show up along with the biggest problems.

It is interesting to see how it is possible to separate one’s values from one’s actual life. It is as though the things learned regarding the optimum way to live, regardless of where we have learned them, are subject to being separated from who we really are. It is as though those lessons can be put somewhere aside from us or kept away from us in the books we have learned them from. This is a compartmentalized life. This is a life of schisms. This is us playing a game with ourselves. This behavior can become so familiar that we don’t know we are doing it. If we do know our values and actions are separate from each other we might justify this disharmony in some way. False justification is big in the world. It is a natural inclination to take the easy way out of anything difficult. It takes alertness and effort to monitor ourselves. It then takes courage to say and do things in such a way that verifies we have BECOME the embodiment of our values. At some point ‘BEING OUR VALUES’ becomes our refuge in sanity. Conflict within ourselves over what we believe and what we do is madness. When KNOWING and BEING become one, peace rules.


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