Words #20

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Flame Bright


Nearly everyone has wondered about the great mystery of creation. How did it all start and how does it continue? Who are we really and what are we doing here? What are our individual and collective purposes?

The urge that carries us all forward in our desire to question these things is permeated with a powerful yearning. This yearning is innate within us and is at the core of our being. It is the very fuel that propels our advancement toward realizing the Absolute. Ultimately it is the Absolute we yearn for. We can identify all the yearnings we have ever had as the desire that drives us toward Absolute Realization. Absolute Realization is the end of yearning. We are meant to have that realization; not in the future, not through some other person or teaching but through ourselves here and now. Anything less is missing our highest opportunity to co-create our future and to imprint our evolution as we would wish it to be.

The conscious yearning and desire to merge with the Absolute is the grand and highest desire for a human being. Through this merging comes all Truth, Compassion, Wisdom, Creativity and Peace.

In a movement we do not yet understand, and like silent thunder striking us deaf and blind to all we knew, we experience the conscious realization that ‘ I and That are One.’ With the utmost grace and catastrophic surrender we fall into ourselves, the Absolute.


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