Words #3

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Flame Bright


We, as human beings, are endowed with many amazing attributes. To think about what we have achieved throughout the years as a species makes the mind boggle. How equipped we are to invent and innovate. How wired up we are to survive the worst of conditions. How fortunate we are to love and know love. Our capacity for intellect sees no boundary. We outdo ourselves in creating new and wondrous things. One would think that with all this power and ingenuity we would be individuals who are stable and self supportive. How is it then that, except for a small percentage of individuals, our human population is not well equipped to cope with life mentally and emotionally as self contained vehicles? How is it that we are so insecure and without resources when it comes to facing life directly and on our own? Why do we look outward or upward or to any other thing that we think will take care of us? By utilizing our innate power and intelligence we can begin to be responsible ourselves for all the things we pray and wish for. We can recognize we are the manifestations of That to which we pray, and as THAT, have inherited the capability to walk in joyous reflection of THAT. We are the Endowment; not simply the endowed. It is just too sloppy and childish an attitude to turn our suffering over to anything including the Universal Intelligence without first admitting our own personal power and ability to sustain. We do have that ability. It has never been fully tested. We have tested ourselves in every other way. In most cases it has never even been questioned or examined. Somehow we have bought into the idea that we are totally dependent upon something greater than ourselves. We are not . We are co-creators with THAT. THAT is not separate from us. Our entire condition on the earth would change for the better if we would make this shift to responsible co-creating. Humanity would begin to exhibit the highest of Divine purpose. We can no longer continue to operate in the same old patterns without deeply questioning every detail of what we believe, how we act and why. We can no longer live by belief systems that belong to the past. Beliefs change but the Truth never does. To discover what is true for us now takes questioning and deep examination of even our most ingrained and cherished beliefs. Fear of change is not an option if we are serious about being able to deal with the conditions we face in the world now. The conditions we see are the result of wrong thinking and wrong action. Doing more of the same will not save us.



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