Words #4

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Flame Bright


All the knowledge we have collected; all the experiences we have had; all the beliefs we have ascribed to donít exist the same way in any other dimension. We are in our own self-created myopic box. Our reality reverberates around in one of billions of cosmic dimensions. Our dimension seems right and true because it is all we ordinarily are exposed to. We have attached ourselves to the natural laws that govern this dimension in order to survive and make some sense of who we are and how we can operate. However, the majority of what we think is true and what we believe is real is fabricated. We are the fabricators. Our most valuable tool, our brain, runs amuck at all times weaving story upon story about how things are and what we believe. Almost all of this brain activity is not needed for our wellbeing and survival. The reality we experience in this dimension is mostly made up of fluffy mind stuff; mind stuff that is not only useless but dangerous to ourselves and others. If we were suddenly yanked out of this familiar dimension into another we would see this clearly. We would wonder why we indulge in so much petty mental activity and create so much suffering. We would question our place in the cosmos from a transpersonal rather than a myopic self-invented perspective. Are we meant to realize ourselves in a broader way? If so, this would be an evolving of consciousness for our species. To begin questioning outside our known package of accumulated knowledge, we would first need to have the desire to grow into deeper and broader dimensions. More importantly we would need to be ready to sacrifice any or all of what we think we know now. We would need to be willing to give up any and all belief systems. The willingness is the key. We would actually be willing ourselves to voyage into the yet unknown. It is the unknown that hangs us up and yet drives us forward. We need to know the unknown, and it is this need that drives us forward. We are also afraid of the unknown, so we create what we think are safe boundaries for ourselves. These boundaries keep us prisoners. To not venture beyond our acquired belief systems seems secure. It is not. It is deadly. It stunts our growth as human beings. We dwell in trance-like states of our own making. We mull around, without deep examination, in the ideas we have been taught. Without a perspective of a universal movement, and without perceiving the laws and natures of other dimensions, we stupidly stumble around in the debris that we create in our little closed system. Why should we leave it up to only the scientists and mystics to probe the further dimensions of our larger selves? After all, further dimensions are our domains and we have access to them. The entire Kosmos is one Self; One Grand Intelligence; One Divine Manifestation. The network of dimensions is not only our playground; it IS us as our most evolved expression. We each decide every day, by what we do with our minds, whether we are ready to evolve and be explorers of broader dimensions or whether we choose to stay in the box. Questioning everything is the key to getting out of the box.



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