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Flame Bright


I am addressing this topic due to the recent interest in the scientific community as to that which is being called ‘Non-local consciousness’ and also ‘The Information Field.’

The Information Field or, as I call it, ‘the Kosmic Field of Creation’ refers to the many layers and patterns of imprinted information existing in subtle dimensions and within our brains.  The layers and patterns are made up of all the thoughts and actions ever created.  The INFORMATION GROUND is a strata onto which these patterns are impressed.  There is an interaction with this ground that is imposed by thought and action.  This happens when an interference pattern is created between the ground and the thought/action.  The interference pattern created is unique to the exact circumstance that is happening. At the point of interference an imprint is created in the ground.  Thus the INFORMATION FIELD is created.  Our brains are not the sole repositories of information.  We could say the Information Field is our bigger brain.  Information is neither simply ‘in the brain’ nor is it ‘out there in some field;’ it is a continuum of both.  This activity is not unlike the creation of physical forms on a cellular level. In this case it happens in a much more subtle condition.  We can’t see it with our eyes.  People are interacting with and creating the Field not always knowing they are doing so, even though they are constant creators of the ever-expanding Field.  This Field is only considered metaphysical in nature because it has not been tested and measured yet.  Current research in Physics and Neuro-science is leading toward ways of recording and documenting the Field.  When this natural activity with our more subtle Universe is understood, it will be a means to many things.  We will perhaps become conscious and responsible for our thoughts and actions in a way we are not now.  We will be able to see how we are the many cells of one larger mind and be able to know the true means of how we are connected.  Conscious choice of thought and action by our human race would indeed be transformative.



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