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Flame Bright


Absolute Realization
Conscious Brightness


All people are familiar with this level of development.  It allows individuals to recognize all manifest things as having singular and separate expressions.  Duality is the playground of all opposites.  This first level is the arena in which the ego and identity are developed along with physical, mental emotional and spiritual aspects of the person.  With this equipment we learn to navigate in the dual manifest realm.  We become masters of the amazing universe of created forms.  We will need these skills later when we evolve to our 3rd and highest level as we know it now.  Our egos and narrow ideas will turn out to be allies after, at some point, being transformed.  Since this reality is pretty much the only thing the majority knows and understands, most people have not questioned that there is more to be experienced in a deeper and broader way.  Staying within one’s familiar beliefs is felt to be comfortable and safe.  Questioning the clarity of mental patterns can be threatening to one’s survival.  This is why the mind will open and shift only when it is time.  A personality is a fragile thing and will grow to new perspectives only when it is strong enough to integrate them into a new pattern.  Until then the dual realm of #1 will be the training ground.  Even ideas of other possible realms of reality such as heaven and other alternative states fall into the category of duality.  They exist as dual ideas; some idea standing against or along side others: ie, not absolute but rather relative to something else.  All ideas, beliefs and teachings exist in duality.  Anything ever said or written exists within the dual framework.  All thoughts we have accumulated within our brains exist in the dual mind.

Occasionally people get glimpses of something that is outside duality.  These are glimpses of something beyond the ordinary familiar mind.  The dual mind will automatically try to place such glimpses into the familiar dual framework.  As glimpses occur more frequently one begins to be curious as to what this is that can’t necessarily be pigeon-holed into what the mind understands.  A seeker of the Big Truth rather than Relative truths is born.  An innate drive to go beyond the ordinary mind is quickened.  This is when the “APERTURE” or “SEGUE” to the next level of growth opens.  There are innumerable methods and forms designed to lead one to the other side of one’s narrow mental constructions.  There is no way of knowing how many further glimpses into a bigger picture or what path will lead the mind out of the familiar and comfortable dual system.  It will be different for each person.  However, the impulse and drive to expand and evolve is inherent within everyone and in the end is stronger than the desire to resist change.  This Impulse [divine creative urge] was unleashed In The Beginning and is the driving force within the evolution of the entire Kosmos.  Our amazing human population is on a journey to higher ground and everything happening to each of us is preparation.  It is the paradoxical and difficult job of those individuals who exist at #3 to attempt to show those people in the dual system of #1 what can only be understood outside it.


Between #1 (Duality) and #3 (Absolute Realization, or non dual mind) a movement occurs where the remarkable and malleable mind/brain discovers how to observe itself (The Segue).  This is like shining a floodlight on all the mice that live in the attic.  This is a very big growth leap and will be the main tool and guide to #3.  This movement, over time, slowly rescues one from the limited framework one has experienced.  This movement is at once wonderful and terrible.  To be able to honestly and thoroughly examine the contents of one’s mind can be as devastating as it is liberating.  This movement demands courage and vigilance.  Sorry to say there is never any turning back at any level.  Remember the driving force of evolution takes everything with it and we are all on the ride.  That doesn’t mean everyone goes happily, and this is the stage where sit-down strikes can occur.  It is just plain hard to be a human waking up to the magnitude of who and what we really are and having to jettison so much of the stuff we so proudly collected in our heads at level #1.  There is just no way to get around or jump over all the equipment developed in level #1, or to avoid the process within the Segue of cleaning up distortions of the mind.  As the mice leave the attic, the floodlight shines brighter.  This slowly growing brightness is salve to the wounded and distorted parts of the ego.  (The ego does not die in the way many think when one realizes the Absolute; only the aspects that can’t exist in the light of a greater truth die).  The ego is the Hero who is transformed after a good shake down. Its nature has changed; its purpose has been elevated.  It is transformed, without agenda, from the fearful guardian of the small personal self into the discerning overseer of our highest and most noble transformed Selves.  The tools used by the original ego for the sake of small selfish desires become the very tools used in the desire to see all people transformed.  The small ultimately impotent ego does a magnificent morph into master overseer.

It should be noted that in duality, without a strong ego, no one could evolve.  It is that small ego that runs the show until it burns out.  When the monumental shift that happens during the Segue has found its’ new equilibrium, level #3 blasts forth.  Yes, ‘blast’ is the word.  When the time is ripe it happens.  It will emerge within each individual in its own way.  The dual mind, after wrestling with itself long enough, will just burn-up in its own residue.  There will be nothing left of it as it was.  It will just dissolve into its own original primal state:  You as your original Self; The Absolute; The Everything and The Nothing.  This is a radiant cataclysmic death.  Welcome to knowing who you really are!


Absolute realization (#3) brings with it the realization of who and what we really are.  It is the end of the most fundamental question:  Who am I?  Even though there is no mental activity when one is absorbed as the Absolute there is a direct infusion of all that is and all that is not.  One is aware of Primal consciousness as being oneself; oneself as not only the Origin but that which existed before all form.  One does not think ‘oh I am the origin and all that exists.’  There is at that point no mind acting.

This knowing is beyond the mind and is an ‘Infusion.’  Infusion is not an activity but rather simply ‘Being’ outside movement.  Here all ceases to exist and all is born in silent unknowing majesty.  YOU ARE.  The Grand Creator and the created individual fall into each other as before the beginning…and it can be nothing other than before the beginning.  The Infusion is One in all things and all things in One.  It is this magnificent shift into the Absolute that gets one ‘out of the box’ of duality.  It is not that the Absolute suddenly appears.  IT has always been and always will be.  The busy mind and all experience in duality masks the awareness of this Infusion.  For all time people have sensed that a Grand Truth exists and it has been sought in both oblique and direct ways.  The ‘glimpses’ one experiences in the dual state and that open the aperture to see more are none other than the Grand Truth of Absolute realization peeking through the cracks of an overloaded mind and an unprepared vessel.  For a very long time, people who have been seekers of this Truth have believed that Absolute realization is the highest and final development of human beings.  Some individuals who have fallen into The Absolute have either attempted to teach about it or have preferred to remain in a meditative state as the Absolute.  Constant and ongoing immersion in the Absolute is not what ordinarily happens once one has fallen into it.  What happens is that one swings back into the dual state and then once again back into Absolute realization.  This going from one reality to the other may go on for a very long time with one outweighing the other.  It is as a pendulum swinging from one view to the other until perfect balance allows it to rest as both positions at once. It is this exercise of moving across and between these polarities that builds the capability for the individual to sustain a constant position as the Balanced Center Point.  This is akin to an eclipse.  Each of the two realizations slowly merge with the other until there is only One View.  I call this One View of the undivided polarities ‘Conscious Brightness’.


Operating in the world as Conscious Brightness is the leading edge of human evolution at this time.  It is the Absolute manifest in form and action.  It is natural and elegant; simple and ordinary and just as it is.



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