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Flame Bright


The Portal images began in 2005 while painting high in my sky nest overlooking the ocean in Hawaii. There was a gentle misty rain falling as the atmosphere turned a lavender/grey color.  As I looked out into the mist and at the same time through the internal eye, I thought I saw millions of falling stars.  Then I realized the brilliant streaks of light were shooting upward from the earth rather than falling as stars would.  These were the many prayers being sent out by suffering people from all over the world. This was at once a shocking and beautiful display of human activity.

I have observed that prayer is not enough and is not working to alleviate suffering and to make significant change for people.  At the most it can act as a refuge and engender hope.  In some cases it seems prayers are answered.  For most individuals it seems it is the act of praying itself that is valuable and can create some temporary relief and comfort.  Hundreds of years have passed and prayer continues.  So does suffering.

I am looking for ways people can transform their suffering rather than settle for comfort and hope.  As long as individuals believe that something outside themselves might come to their rescue they will not grow into their higher potential.  They will, by habit and beliefs, stay victims of all things painful.  Within our innate potential we are powerful.  We have not begun to touch the many ways we can, as single individuals, relieve suffering.  Without a mental and emotional shift to a larger perspective we cannot discover the true Source of peace and wellness.  Transformation cannot happen in the arena of habit.  It does not happen by taking on a different way of doing the same thing.  The massive shift that is needed will not cure everything.  It will engage its causes in a more powerful and direct way.  Compassion and dedicated work the world over is needed to change the many conditions leading to suffering.   

Looking to an omnipotent power that is believed to be aside from oneself or greater than oneself is by its very act a separation from That.  To think of It or pray to It is a division.  Appealing to the Power is not the same as realizing the Power.  A merging with that which is Omnipotent is what is needed to transform suffering

How can people merge into the Omnipotent?  This is a question numerous religions and teachings attempt to answer.  Even with all this information very few people have done it.  It is possible for each person, without religion or a teacher’s instruction to make this most natural of all movements known to our species.  It is our most natural state to be one with the Source.  There is great denial by the many teachings and religions that this is possible and that in order to merge with the Omnipotent, one must live lifetimes and engage in long study.  Others say it cannot be done.  Most say an intermediary is needed.  These ideas cannot be true because some individuals have made the shift and merged nevertheless.  Our species is one.  For each individual who realizes the One Omnipotent a further pathway is cut for others to do so also.  False beliefs continue to exist about merging with the Absolute because very few have done it.  The ones who have are the people who knew it was possible.  It is still beyond the belief of most people that an intermediary to the Divine is not necessary.

How as an artist can I contribute to the opportunity for individuals to transform; to merge with their own innate Divinity?

As often happens, the first images of these particular paintings flashed past the inner eye as the question was asked.  These images were Portals to an internal realization of peace.  These images were invitations to look to the Source of oneself; to merge with the Omnipotent.  At first, for lack of a name for this group of paintings, I called them ‘little prayers’ because of the circumstances in which they occurred.  Although they were related to prayers they were not about them. They were not “about” anything outside themselves.  They were maps in the form of patterns leading to our center source of light.  This light actually exists and can be perceived as the internal portal is approached.

Although people who view these paintings will do so through their own personal set of beliefs and perceptions, my intent is that the images will prompt some individuals toward a direct internal experience of Divinity.  Although I respect all teachings and religions, I offer as an alternative the suggestion that the Divine fire within us all can directly carry us home to infinite peace.

The Portal paintings will be Giclee printed onto canvas in sets. They will each be hand finished with gold leaf and crystal stones.  These sets will be sent to various locations where there is a need for suffering to be alleviated and to individuals who request them. I make this art for that purpose.


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