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Flame Bright


People can be seen as falling into two separate groups based upon what their primary concerns are in life. The first group’s priorities are dedicated to fulfilling personal concerns. The second group is operating through a broader perspective that focuses on those things which are not personal. This does not mean that the second group has given up all concerns existing in group one.  It just means the PRIORITIES have SHIFTED to a larger arena.

GROUP ONE:  Because life’s dedication and priorities are based upon a limited personal perspective, this group is seen to have limited opportunity and potential. Conflicts and suffering arise here due to the limited nature of this perspective. Personal concerns and focus fall into these categories:


  1. Myself
  2. My family
  3. My friends
  4. My Neighbors
  5. My city
  6. My state
  7. My country
  8. My race
  9. My customs
  10. My beliefs or religion
  11. My ancestors
  12. My future
  13. My abundance
  14. My health

GROUP TWO: The dedications and priorities of one’s life are directed to impersonal concerns.  This group can be seen as innovators and creators with broad potential and fulfilling life experiences. Due to the broader perspective of this group, conflict is greatly diminished. Suffering is no longer for ones personal self but rather for those who are in conflict and suffering in Group One.  Concerns and focus fall into these categories:


  1. All individuals
  2. All families
  3. All friends
  4. All neighbors
  5. All cities
  6. All states
  7. All countries
  8. All races
  9. All customs
  10. All beliefs or religions
  11. All ancestors
  12. The future of All
  13. The abundance of everyone
  14. The health of everyon

Our planet is not sustainable unless many more people shift out of GROUP ONE into GROUP TWO.  Every day someone is able to shift at least one of their personal concerns into the larger picture. That is good but not good enough. Unless a very large percentage of us are willing to transfer our personal needs into a perspective that serves the needs of everyone none of us will survive. The planet is in critical need. People are in critical need.  All the damage that has been done so far has been done by us. We can undo it. You are playing a part in the world conditions either by choice or by default. Choose to be a part of the shift.



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